As a wedding photographer, I have educated a lot of brides, grooms, and bridal party members on a number of things throughout the wedding day.  When it comes to even the flowers, I am always asked a lot of questions.  Here is a good read about the how to's when it comes to the flowers before the big day; just to make you a little more prepared

The Boutonniere

Question:  Where exactly does my Boutonniere go and how do I put it on?  (If you don't know what a Boutonniere is- it's the small flower that the men wear on their jackets)

Hold the boutonniere by the stem with your left hand, the flower should face away from the viewer.Place the boutonniere on the wearer’s left lapel, approximately four inches down from the tip of the left shoulder. Make sure the flower is positioned correctly before pinning it in place.Hold a pin with your right hand, and starting from behind the lapel, push it through the fabric just beneath the head of the flower.Pierce through the flower stem, re-inserting the tip of the pin into the fabric so that the tip of the pin ends up behind the lapel. Be sure that the flower is securely in place.Tug gently on the stem to be sure the boutonniere is properly fastened.

The Corsage

Question:  Where exactly does my Corsage go and how do I put it on?  

this is the flower the women wears, normally the mothers and grandmothers in the family

Hold the corsage against the wearer’s chest, just below the left shoulder. Be sure to take into account the neckline of the outfit and the jewelry when determining placement. Also ask the wearer if they plan on leaving their jacket or shrug on all evening so that you can pin through both pieces of clothing.While holding the corsage in place, catch the fabric with the tip of the pin on one side of the stem near the base of the flower.Guide the pin over the stem, or through the ribbon wrapping on the stem, at a slight upward angle, to help secure the corsage. Then catch the fabric with the pin on the other side of the stem to hold the corsage firmly in place, and push the pin out to the surface of the fabric.Add another pin a bit higher up on the flower stem if necessary.

Of course you can order a wrist corsage if the ladies prefer that style.  A wrist corsage is normally worn on the left arm.

The Bouquet - for the bride & bridesmaids a like

Question:  How do I hold my bouquet?

Always hold your bouquet below your waist and the flowers hit around your belly button, unless otherwise directed. Depending on the type of bouquet, the top of the flowers will rest around the belly button area.  By placing the flowers below your waist you will create a beautiful silhouette for photographs which lengthens your arms making them look leaner. The technique also helps your flowers to not compete with your face or body within the frame of the image.  For close-up images only, I always suggest holding the bouquet above the waist just so they are captured in the frame.